Tokyo Art Club, 6-19-15 Shimbashi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan

Recent activity status of JADAN

Recent activity status of JADAN

Holding a charity auction for the Great East Japan Earthquake

In October 2011, we co-hosted a charity auction with the Agency of Cultural Affairs and the Japanese Council of Art Museums aiming to assist restoration of damaged art works and exhibition facilities caused by the disaster. We exhibited and sold the works provided free by 400 artists and generated revenue of 120 million yen for donation.

Donation to Cultural Property Rescue Program and Rokkakudo Rehabilitation Fund

We made a donation of 5 million yen to “Cultural Property Rescue Program” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and another 5 million yen to the reconstruction of “Izura Rokkakudo” by Tenshin Okakura that was destroyed by the tsunami (total donation of 10 million yen for the reconstruction support), respectively.

Accession to “Arts and Culture Forum”

In 2012 JADAN joined “Arts and Culture Forum”, of which affiliated organizations are associated with performing arts, music and film. The Arts and Culture Forum advocates the enhancement of cultural policies such as establishment of the Ministry of Culture and enlargement of access to the associated funding, and that our country should be a nation grounded in culture and the arts.
Alongside “Japan Artists Association, Inc.” our participation in the forum as a fine art organization will encourage contributions to promotion of the Japanese culture and the arts as well as communicating to the world, and the hand-in-hand efforts by each field are expected to create a stronger voice toward the government.

■25 affiliates (as of June 2022)
Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations/Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers/Recording Industry Association of Japan/Music Publishers Association of Japan/Japan Association of Music Publishing/Japan Federation of Authors and Composers Association/Artist Conference/Association of Japanese Symphony Orchestra/Japan Association of Classical Music Presenters/Foundation for Promotion of Music Education & Culture/National Musical Instruments Association/Japan Theatre Entertainers Association/National Association of Public Cultural Facilities/Council of Guidelines for Theater and Entertainment/Performing Arts Network (PAN)/Concert Promoters Association/Directors Guild of Japan/Japanese Writers Guild/Japan Consortium for the Promotion of Screenplay Archives/Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan, Inc./Japan Association, Inc./Japan Art Copyright Association/Art Manager Lab/Japan Photograph copyright association/Japan Art Dealer Association

Holding symposiums “Consideration of establishing the Ministry of Culture”, “Vision of establishing the Ministry of Culture by the year of the Olympics” and “Process of establishing the Ministry of Culture”

The symposium “Consideration of establishing the Ministry of Culture” was held at Tokyo Art Club on October 30 2013, “Vision of establishing the Ministry of Culture by the year of the Olympics” on November 13 2014, and “Process of establishing the Ministry of Culture” on November 12 2015, respectively, by our affiliated organization “Arts and Culture Forum” and “Diet Members’ Federation of Promotion for Arts and Culture” consisting of all-party diet members. Lively discussions, about establishing the Ministry of Culture that will play a vital role in unification and centralization of cultural policies as well as Japan’s realization of being a nation grounded in culture and the arts in the global society, were taken place, preparatory for the Tokyo Olympics/ Paralympics 2020.